I have curated a group of images from past projects that reflect my stylistic range in illustration and icons.

Summer Patterns

This is a surface design project (patterns, textiles, wallpaper) in which I worked primarily in ink and colorized using photoshop. These images are playful and cheeky.

Free Press Houston Cover

This is an editorial illustration for the Cover of a local alternative newspaper in Houston. The main article was about gentrification in one of Houston most iconic neighborhoods. The illustrated word "soul" included portions of actual buildings in the Montrose area of Houston that I took photos of and  integrated into the design. I have included some early sketches to show my process.

Co-worker Iconography

For this project, I free-handed these icons in Illustrator based on my  co-workers ID portraits. I created a distinctive style that mixed round corners, ovals and a limited color palette and then made icons of each person following that method. There was no tracing, but lots of observation and feedback! I've included some side-to-side comparisons with some of the photos. 

Staff of Superheroes

This project was full-on illustration in the comic book visual style. I took photos of this agency's team in different poses and drew each person as a superhero character based on the role in the company. This was inked and then colored/textured in Photoshop.

Corporate Diversity Illustrations

These vector icons were custom drawn to represent diversity in race, gender and age in the workplace as we enter the digital age. The challenge was to create icons that were human enough but didn't venture into uncanny territory. They were also meant to look "friendly and happy". 

Watercolor Series

Some of my watercolor work, mostly for narrative purposes--children book stories and editorial. Watercolor and gouache.